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Updates of sorts.

I feel good about how things are going with this project. I've just sent stuff to birdie and collected thread (thank you again mom for being a postwoman of sorts, and thank you ladies for carrying my stuff). Last week I started working on some new stuff for spring, mainly because I'm wishing for warmer weather. I feel like working on this stuff has made me grateful again for design and art and people. I've been thinking a lot about why I am designing, and I must say that I love paper and the tangibility of it. I have spent a good part of my relationship with my husband (dating and married) long distance. And I feel like letters and mail have been a HUGE part of our relationship. That has translated into really wanting to take that joy and love from a piece of paper and making it into something other people can share with their loved ones and friends. I really enjoy taking stories and turning them into a piece that can be shared many ways over. Enough rambling... here is a sample of some of the stuff at Birdie and Collected Thread.


its finally coming together

it's been quite awhile of dreaming and thinking and putting off and what not, but today the first steps were taken. a tiny little stationary and paper goods line called sea of love. i can't begin to explain how many people have really been an encouragement and how many times i've gotten excited over the tiniest hint of moving forward. so thank you to everyone's encouragement. here are a few of the first order....hope you enjoy.